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XIAOMI Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 EU - Haircare & Styling ToolsXIAOMI Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 EU - Haircare & Styling Tools 1

XIAOMI Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 EU


– Compact 9.5cm body with easy-to-hold handle
– 3 heat levels: Hot Wind, 57℃ Consistent Wind, Cool Wind
– 2 wind levels: strong and gentle wind
– 50 million anions to protect hair cuticles and neutralize hair static
– 57 ℃ temperature control technology
– Unique design inspired by aircraft turbine engines
– Curved blades and air outlet reduce wind power loss
– High-performance motor for strong air flow
– Comfortable temperature of 57℃ to protect hair
– Real-time temperature adjustment for stable temperature
– Scientific temperature control prevents hair damage
– Moving hair dryer downwards for smoother hair and less damage
– Recommended distance of 10 cm between air outlet and hair
– Recommended temperature of 57℃ in summer for hair protection
– Drying rate of 6.1 g/min* for quick drying
– Built-in ion generator releases 50 million negative ions
– Reduces static electricity and frizz
– Flattens hair cuticles for a shiny appearance
– Quick and gentle dry for healthier hair
– Save temperature settings for convenience
– Switch between hot and cold air with ease
– Choose from three temperature settings
– Automatically saves temperature for next use.

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